ZENIGOKE is generally called liverwort in English.
KOKETORI-MONOGATARI is ZENIGOKE extermination exclusive liquid born from clear skin water.

KOKETORI-MONOGATARI will suppress Zenigoke ‘s activity, weaken it and get rid of it.
It is safe for plants, people and pets.

Though it’s safe, KOKETORI-MONOGATARI gets rid of only a ZENIGOKE. KOKETORI-MONOGATARI also has the effect on ZENIGOKE in the lawn or near the vegetables and black moss of a bonsai .(ISHIKURAGE)

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How to use

  1. Please spray the surface of ZENIGOKE with this product plenty.
  2. When a ZENIGOKE grows among the important plant,please paint with brush or block other plants by hand and spray KOKETORI-MONOGATARI .
    This product is created from clear skin water, so it is safe to touch .
  3. If you can’t find effect of spraying after a few days do it again.
  4. Please do spray of KOKETORI-MONOGATARI , the rain has risen or when it is sunny.
    After spraying, watering the plants,will through the ingredients out.


  • This product is safe for plants and pets and people, please don’t spray directly.
  • This product is tasteless and odorless. Keep this not for children to reach.
  • We do not use preservatives, so please use up within 3 months after opening.

How to order

How to order

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